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They are truly a family.!!
Our journey with Kids r Kids started 5 years ago when my Oldest daughter Maya was 4 months old.When I was still pregnant I visited Kids R kids to start doing my research where to put my baby after I go back to work from Maternity leave.I was very nervous until I met Amanda and Miss Janet, they welcomed me and showed me the classes and I met Miss Rose We call her Grandma Rose!!!..Miss Rose has a great experience with babies and she loves them and takes care of each baby.Sobwith my second baby girl I was very relaxed and knew exactly who will be taking care of her.Mila my second baby girl is now In walkers and LOOOVVEEE it.. I want to thank Mr Daryl and all the great team over there, they are really very good people and we feel we are all one family.Always helping us in everything we need to take care of the kids.. I recommend it very much and will never look at any other day care because all I need is in Kids R Kids one package and best thing is that there is TRUST!!! Thank youuuu.... Maysaa.Mansur
Mrs mansur
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Kids R Kids - GA
Love KRK Duluth (Ptree Ind. Blvd)!!!
We have been with KRK Duluth for quite some time now. My son (who is nearly 9 and in 3rd grade) was in their care from when he was 2 thru GA PreK, my daughter (who is nearly 7 and in 1st grade) went their for drop in childcare but also GA PreK and I currently have another daughter there attending the GA PreK program as well. My youngest (2 years old) is a drop in. This center has a wonderful atmosphere to bring your child to- it is happy and clean, the teachers are happy to be there, and the staff is very knowledgable on "the latest and greatest". I will continue to highly recommend this center!!!!!
T. Sharpe - GA
I love Kids R Kids Duluth!
My 2.5 yo started in August and was our 1st expereince in a large setting. I was more nervous than him and the separation anxiety was more felt by me than him. He is in the toddler class and from day Ms. Alina hugged, kissed and welcomed him. He fit right in and received just as much direct love and attention as the other children. I would stalker watch him on Watch Me Grow and saw the routine and comfort that was given to him on a daily and now I don`t remember the last time I logged in. Ms. Lynette is the sweatest in the evening, always giving hugs and kisses good-bye. Going from a sitte who had been with him since birth was a very worrisome thing for me, but my decision was the best and correct decision for the safety and developmental enrichment for my son. I strongly recommend THIS facility and THIS staff for any parent looking for that extra sense of security with their most precious and prized possession!
P. Smith - GA
They are Wonderful
My daughter has been going to Kids R Kids #48 for the past two and a half years. I was apprehensive moving her because we loved her previous daycare but they did not service the school that she was going to attend. The staff are wonderful, they make an effot to know the parents and are always interacting with the children in such a positive way. I drop my daughter off and have peace of mind knowing that she is in such a great environment. Thanks Ms Janet and all the KRK #48 staff.
M. Chivore - GA
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